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I am participating in Steptember to raise money for Cerebral Palsy.  I have pledged to do 10,000 steps a day for 28 days.  We are just over half way and I have been true to my word - reaching my target each day.  My feet are really killing me but I don't let that stop me because I know it is doing me good.

I was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago and my doctor suggested I lose weight to help control it.  I had just come back from a walk one lunch time when a few friends asked me if I would like to join their Steptember team.  Of course I said yes, seeing it as an opportunity to help others as well as get myself fit. Also being part of a team helps me stay focussed and committed as I don't want to let them down by not reaching my target each day.

If anyone would like to sponsor me, you can do so by clicking on this link http://bit.ly/1Lk10cb

Losing Mum

Wow - I haven't been on here for nearly 3 years. So much has happened since I got married in 2012.  Mum passed away suddenly on the 28th June 2014.  It was a tough time for all of us.  Mum was in hospital for 3 weeks before we lost her and I visited her every day.  My brother was with her when she passed away in her sleep.  She was 80 years young. Poor Dad misses her terribly still but luckily he has my dog Holly with him. She gives him a reason to get up in the morning and take care of himself. She plays with her toys with him too which provides him with lots of joy and amusement!

I miss Mum each day. I don't cry every day like I did for the first few months, but the pain is still there just under the surface. I especially miss her at all the important gatherings, family birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. It just isn't the same without her.

I take Dad to visit Mum's rock garden at the crematorium every few weeks. It is lovely there and brings us a sense of peace after visiting.

Losing a friend after marriage

Well I never thought this would happen but it has.
I have known this friend of mine for over 12 years. We met at work and were both single so hung out together when we could. She doesn't have a licence so I would drive us to places on weekends or take her shopping every now and then.
I should have guessed something was up when she didn't come to my hens party.  She had accepted to come then at the last minute said she couldn't. Her excuse was she had forgotten she had to babysit her niece that weekend.  Ok - I can understand that. What I can't forgive is her not coming to my wedding because she had a cold!!!

When I told her I was getting the invitations printed she said she hoped there was one with her name on it and made sure I had her new address.  As it got closer to the RSVP date she called me and said she didn't think she would be able to come to the reception, only the church as she had no way of getting home.  I was rather upset about this so my lovely Matron of Honour offered for my friend to stay at her place the night of the wedding and that she and her husband would drive her home the next day.  All sorted - or so I thought.

The night before my wedding I got a text message from my friend to say she was really sorry but she couldn't come to the wedding as she had a cold. Not the flu, not that someone was terribly sick or had died, just that she had a cold.  I was so upset at this but decided to not let it ruin my day.

When I got back to work after my honeymoon I had a couple of emails from her asking if I was back and was I talking to her or not. We met up for lunch and not once did she apologise in person for not coming.  She just acted as if everything was fine.  I agonised over this for a few more weeks and have decided that she really isn't a true friend.  You don't treat a friend like that.

I know who my true friends are, and they would do anything for me and vice versa.

I feel better getting that out of my system.

Off to work now :)

Wedding Day Perfection

Well here I am, a married woman!!!!

What a perfectly wonderful day we had. The weather was perfect - lovely and sunny and not too hot.

The day before the wedding I stayed with my parents. Karen my matron of honour and I had manicures and pedicures at a salon and it was pure bliss. Neither of us had ever had a pedicure before but we certainly will be in future!

My Mum cooked my favourite roast for dinner that night. She also did a cooked breakfast for us on my wedding morning - bacon, eggs, tomato and toast. She then headed off to the hairdresser just after 8 and my appointment was half an hour later. I was there for a few hours having my hair set in rollers and then having extensions clipped into my hair to make it longer. It looked gorgeous. My girlfriend Vanessa arrived to drive me home in my car as I had to sit with a pillow behind me so I didn't flatten my hair. She then spent the next hour doing my makeup for me, in between eating the lovely sandwiches my Mum made us for lunch. All too soon it was time to get ready. Luckily Vanessa was still there when Karen came to help me get into my dress as I needed both of the girls to help me get my earrings on!

Another lovely friend and her husband were my bridal car. They got me to the church on time - 2pm and everything went beautifully. Brad and I both managed not to cry - just :)

We had photos taken outside the church with our families and then the bridal party went to Mt Cootha botanical gardens for more photos. The photographer took heaps of photos in the Japanese Gardens and then on a bridge over a stream. Finally he got some on a path with the sun setting behind us.

Our reception was beautiful. The food was delicious, the waiters and waitresses were happy and polite and everyone had a fantastic time. All our hard work and planning was worth it.

Brad made the best speech anyone has ever heard.

We head off for our honeymoon at the end of the week. We can't wait.

That's it for me.

Bye for now xoxoxoxoxo

Wedding Dress

Well what a day we had today. The hire place was a nightmare. It was at a house - in what would be one of the bedrooms. There was no airconditioning - only a ceiling fan and it was soooooo hot in there. Also nowhere for Mum to sit down. Now I know I am big but I tried on dresses up to a size 26 and they were too small. She said they were from China and that is why the sizes were off. There was one dress that nearly fitted me and she was willing to alter it but I said I would leave it.

We then had to head back to Mum and Dad's so I could get the address for the preloved shop at Oxley. I rang the lady first to see what sizes she had. She was lovely. I found a dress on the very first rack and tried it on. It was a tad too big for me but looked lovely on. The lady was very helpful. She got a couple of other gowns for me to try on. There was a lounge for Mum to sit on and the dressing room was huge so Karen was able to fit in with me to help try the dresses on. I tried on about 5 dresses all up. All were lovely and all fitted me but I loved the first one. I tried it on again and it felt right. So I got that and a veil to go with it. And the best news is that the dress was brand new - never worn. I only need slight alterations done to it.

Tried it on back at Mum and Dad's for Dad to see. They are keeping it there so Brad doesn't see it.

Now I just need to get my shoes and get the boys sorted.

Karen will be easy to get a dress for. She did a fantastic job today. I have no idea what I would have done without her today. I was so down after leaving the hire place and then I was nearly in tears when the first dress fitted me. I am so glad that I asked her to be my bridesmaid.

Someone is watching over me - or should I say a lot of loved ones are helping me from up above. I'll stop now before I start to cry. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Upcoming wedding

Well it's been a long time since I was on here.

So much has happened in that time.

I have moved in with my lovely Brad - have been living together for a year now.

We are getting married on the 5th May this year.

I am so excited.  We bought our wedding rings last weekend.  I am going wedding dress shopping this weekend.

It is all coming together nicely.

Will try and keep you posted.

That's all for now.


My wonderful sweetheart Brad proposed to me on the boardwalk at Margate this morning. Of course I said yes! We picked out a ring together this afternoon. I am so happy I could burst :)

Sick of being sick

Well I have had a time of it lately. Not only did I get sick on my holidays - I got sick a few weeks after getting back. And to top it all off, I had my first ever ride in an ambulance on Sunday night due to chest pain and a fever.

My poor boyfriend, Brad, was beside himself with worry on Sunday night. I had been a little off colour during the day but when we went to bed at 8.30 that night I went downhill fast. First it was the chills. It was a warm night but I was freezing. I had a nightie on under my winter pyjamas and I was under a sheet, 2 doonas and a quilt - and I was still shivering. I also had aches and pains all down my back. A few hours later, and still no sleep, my heart started to beat really fast and I had a dull ache under my left breast. Brad had his arm over me trying to keep me warm and I had to get him to move as it felt like a heavy weight pressing on my chest. That feeling stayed there even after he moved his arm. I got him to take my blood pressure. That was normal but my pulse was way too fast. He called his Mum and asked her advice as to whether he should call an ambulance or not. She told him to ask me what I thought - only I could say how I felt. I was worried about my heart so I said yes to the ambulance.

The paramedics were fantastic. They got there really fast and checked me out. They ruled out a heart attack and said it was more like a respiratory problem. My temperature was really high so they took me to hospital. I walked out to the ambulance and they put me on oxygen. That made the heavy weight feel heaps better. By now the dull pain had gone totally. Brad came with me in the ambulance and we were in the Emergency department for over 7 hours. They did blood tests, ECG's, a urine test, you name it. They knew I had an infection of some sort because my white blood cell count was high but they couldn't fine the cause. They were also worried about my high temperature. I was put on IV fluids and broad spectrum antibiotics. They thought I may have a blood clot on my lung or that I could have pneumonia, even though my chest sounded clear.

They were going to transfer me to the hospital I went to when I had my blood clot and other problems taken care of a few years ago. They were waiting for an ambulance to take me and in the meantime did another blood test. They wanted to do a chest x-ray but that department wasn't open until 8am. At 7am the doctor asked me how I was feeling. My temperature had come down quite a bit by then. I told him I had a sore throat. He asked me why I hadn't told them when I first came in. I told him that my throat had only been sore for the last half hour or so, not sore at all when I got there. With that he looked down my throat and diagnosed me as having acute tonsillitis, which explained all my symptoms. He cancelled the ambulance and sent me home with a script for some tablets.

I started taking the tablets Monday night. They were penicillin and he had asked me if I was allergic to it, which I am not. I had been taking it when I was sick on my holidays. Monday night I hardly slept, was up every half hour having a drink of water, then up every two hours to go to the toilet. My hands were itchy and when I got up Tuesday morning I found they were red and swollen from me scratching and rubbing them. I took my morning tablet and throughout the day I noticed that my lips were swollen. I also had a rash starting on my arms, legs and face. I remembered Brad had read out something to me about side effects of the tablets so I checked it again. It said if I got a rash to stop taking the tablets immediately.

I tried to make an appointment with my GP for that night but he was fully booked. They did say I could sit in the waiting room but it would be a two hour wait, at least. There was no way I could sit there for that long. I felt like a truck had run over me as it was. I made an appointment for today. Turns out that I am now allergic to penicillin. Probably a build up from the two lots I had while on holiday. Now I can never take that again. I have some other tablets to take to help clear up the infection and I also had to have another blood test because the doctor wants to rule out glandular fever.

My darling Brad drove me home in my car on Monday after lunch - after we both got some much needed sleep. He then caught a bus and train home. He has just been over to visit me this afternoon after work and is going to pick me up on Friday after work as I stay with him on a weekend. He will drive me to my doctor's appointment on Saturday, when I get my blood test results. Brad has taken such good care of me and I am so lucky to have him by my side.

So there you have it. What a wonderful way to get a week off work, not !!

I will update again when I get my test results. I just pray that it is only tonsillitis.

Bye for now.



Well here I am, another year older!!

My wonderful boyfriend Brad and I had a fantastic holiday.  The first week we shared a house in the mountains with his parents then the next week we were at the beach - just the two of us.

I did have a minor drama while away.  I got a toothache the very first day and it only got worse as time went on.  I had tried to do the right thing before we went by going to the dentist to have it checked out as it was sensitive to hot and cold but he said everything was fine.  We left on a Saturday morning and by late that afternoon the left side of my face was throbbing.  I cried myself to sleep with the pain that night.  The next day Brad and I went to a rainforest centre for a coffee and a walk then a lovely drive but I couldn't appreciate it fully as by now my left ear and lower jaw were also hurting.  First thing Monday morning we drove into town and tried to get me an appointment with a doctor but no luck.  As we were interstate I called a friend of mine at work and got her to look up the phone numbers for medical centres near where we were staying and finally got an appointment for just after lunch.  The doctor was very thorough.  Turned out I had an abscess on a tooth that had infected my sinuses.  He put me on antibiotics and strong painkillers and suggested I see a dentist as soon as possible.  Saw one on the Friday and she confirmed his diagnosis with an x-ray.  She said I would be okay until I got home but would either need to have the tooth pulled or root canal treatment.  Saw my regular dentist the first day I got home and started root canal.  He didn't even apologise for what had happened.  If he had taken an x-ray he would have seen the abscess and could have put me on antibiotics for while I was away.  Oh well - never mind.  At least the antibiotics and painkillers helped and I got to enjoy myself.

I truly have been blessed with the most wonderful boyfriend and his family are just wonderful.

That's about it from me.  Still catching up on my backlog of updates and new stories to read.

Bye for now.

One year anniversary

Hi to whoever may care to read this.

Today, 8th August 2010 is a special day for me.  It is one year since I started going out with my wonderful boyfriend Brad, and what a fantastic year it has been.

He sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers to work on Monday, so I could enjoy them for the whole week of our anniversary.  We went out for dinner last night and to the movies today.

We hope to move in together early next year.

Only 3 more weeks until we go away on our first holiday together.  The first week we are spending with his parents as well - have a whole house on acreage - and the second week is just the two of us at the beach.  This will be our first holiday totally alone and I am so looking forward to it.

Anyway, I am back to reading stories on Teaspoon.  I have heaps to catch up on but I have kept all the email updates and hope to get there - it just may take me a few months :)

My own story will take a backseat for now - looking for inspiration and enjoying RL as well.

Bye for now.